Community Herbal Share

The studio share is a community supported herbalism (or C.S.H.) project geared towards providing a wide range of homemade preventative medicines to support our families and all vibrant healthy humans. Your share will include handmade Earth Centered Herbals, dermal products, education, and more. Most, if not all of our products are locally harvested, sustainable and in rhythm with seasonal cycles. Harvested mindfully on lunar and astral cycles for optimal potency.

Herbal share

  • Pick up at The Studio the week of Solstice or equinox.

  • Health Investment: $185-$265

  • Or purchase individual products here at the Studio anytime.


to order:

call 530.517.0637


Your fall,Winter,Spring or summer Seasonal share may include several of the following items:

  • Syrups/Elixirs/Oxymels

  • Herbal Honey

  • Aromatherapy Candle, Salt or Smudge

  • Seasonally based Herbal Chai

  • Seasonally based Churna Spice

  • Seasonally based Herbal salts

  • Artisan Soaps

  • Nourishing Body Oil

  • Dream Balm

  • Tooth powder

  • Cleaning scrubs

  • Lip balms

  • Lotions

  • Elixers

  • And soo much more